Q1. What is the cost involved?

Answer: Monthly cost per ASHA is approximately Rs. 15-20.
One time cost at the beginning of project is for procuring phone and perpetual client licence. Only recurring cost is towards annual server hosting cost, annual maintenance charges and data transfer charge. Exact amount of above cost would depend upon scale of work and number of users (ASHAs). More precise information about costing will be available by later part of 2013 once pilot is completing. Robust cost-effective analysis is an important part of research plan.

Q2. Does it only work on Nokia mobile phone?

Answer: No. This application will work on any phone which has technical specification similar to Nokia ASHA feature phones although current application is prepared for user interface of Nokia ASHA phones. Over next 6 months, this application will be made compatible for a phone which would cost less than Rs. 5,000.
Larger screen size and loud speakers (similar to Nokia ASHA) is required for displaying videos and /images which are critical for behaviour change communication.

Q3. What is the value addition to MCTS?

Answer: ImTeCHO is developed with intention of making it complimentary to MCTS in future so that both systems’ usefulness can be further enhanced and existing issues with MCTS can be solved. Please see following table to see key areas where both systems can complement each-other.

Features MCTS ImTeCHO
Tracking of every pregnant woman and child YES YES
Availability reports (MMR, IMR etc) YES YES
Facilitate case management by ASHA NO YES
Work plan for ASHA NO YES
Work plan for FHWs/ANMs YES NO
Incentive and supply management for ASHAs NO YES
ASHA performance report NO YES
Enhanced high risk case tracking NO YES
Point of care data entry NO YES

*MCTS has basic feature of incentive management and high risk tracking for ASHAs. However, ImTeCHO offers user-solution which can assist in all aspects of incentive management and high risk tracking.
Q4. Does the text appear in vernacular on mobile?

Answer: YES

Q5. Does ImTeCHO work without internet signal?

Answer: Yes. Data entered will be saved in absence of signal and it will be sent to server automatically once signal is available.

Q6. How long is the training of ImTeCHO?

Answer: 3 days.