Support to ASHA's

  • Provision of daily schedule makes planning of home visits easy
  • No need to remember every small details from ASHA module 6 and 7 as mobile reminds what tasks to be completed during home visits
  • In-built videos makes counselling easy and effective
  • Relieves ASHAs from remembering complex algorithms as customised diagnosis, risk stratification and treatment plan, including doses of drugs are available in mobile
  • Easy calculation of incentives and regular replenishment of supply
  • E-ASHA diary in mobile stores record of task completed which can be used in place of current ASHA diary

Support to Female Health workers/Auxiliary Nurse Midwives?

  • Reporting and recording is now easy
  • Planning of monthly village health and nutrition day is easy and effective
  • e-mamata card will be prepared automatically for every beneficiary on web interface
  • Instant notification of at risk mothers and children so that FHWs can plan their field visit accordingly

Support to PHC staff including medical officers

  • Timely and accurate entry in e-mamata (online mother and child tracking system) is possible
  • Up-to-date information about births and deaths
  • Draft copy of monthly PHC level report no.7 and 7a is available based on entries made in field
  • Calculation of ASHA’s incentives is now very easy
  • Easy tracking of high risk mothers and children from web interface
  • Performance monitoring will be easiery

Support to higher level health officers at block, district, and state level

  • Up-to-date performance monitoring system using balance score card gives detailed and critical information about ASHA programme within few seconds
  • Up-to-date information about ASHA programme management including supplies, incentives, high-risk tracking and more
  • Certification of ASHAs for using ImTeCHO is being done