ImTeCHO is an innovative mobile phone application to improve performance of ASHAs through better supervision, support and motivation for increasing coverage of proven maternal, newborn and child health interventions among resource-poor settings in India. ImTeCHO stands for “Innovative mobile-phone Technology for Community Health Operations”.

“TeCHO” in Gujarati language means “support”; therefore, “ImTeCHO” means “I am support”. As its name indicate, ImTeCHO is aimed to provide support to all involved in ASHA programme starting from ASHAs to PHC staff to higher level officials so that their job is easier, and more effective.


ImTeCHO has two components:
  1. Mobile phone application which is used by ASHAs and
  2. Web interface (computer) which is used by PHC staff including medical officers.

Please click here to see animation about how ImTeCHO works.

When is ImTeCHO being used?

ImTeCHO provides support to ASHAs throughout continuum of care starting from beginning of pregnancy up to child completes critical first two years of age. ImTeCHO is used every day by ASHAs for checking their daily schedule, guide home visitations, record services provided on monthly health and nutrition day, track high risk cases, and record births and deaths. Web interface can be used every day for tracking high risk cases, obtain information about critical indicators, and manage incentives and supplies.

What is unique about ImTeCHO?

ImTeCHO is unique in following ways:
  1. Leverages upon SEWA Rural’s three decades of grass roots experience and insight generated from implementing various community health programmes
  2. Active involvement of the government’s health department in all areas including planning, developing, implementing and evaluating ImTeCHO
  3. Led and supported by in-country team in India regarding all aspects of ImTeCHO including its development, implementation and evaluation
  4. A comprehensive mHealth solution to support all aspects of ASHA programme management and addresses critical implementation challenges such as regular payment of incentives, replenishment of supplies, and performance management
  5. Use of state of art mobile phone technology encompassing multimedia, decision tree, patient support, emergency management and more
  6. Potentially interoperable with online mother and child tracking system (MCTS) and can compliment MCTS in future
  7. Strong focus on robust and high-quality research and evaluation
  8. Complete package of implementation plan/roll out plan is field tested and ready for systematic and effective scale up